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Feed mill receiving towerReceiving Tower

Manufacturer: Lamar Industries, Inc.
Model: 4L 10′ x 70′
Capacity: Supports 1800 CFH Leg


Feed mill grain storage binsGrain Storage Bins

Manufacturer: Micada
Model: Hopper bottom 45
Capacity: 82 tons


Feed mill tote bag systemTote Bag System

Manufacturer: Evonik-Degussa
Capacity: 1 ton per tote (6 totes)



Feed mill hammer millHammer Mill

Manufacturer: CPM
Model: 06036EP3E364TS
Capacity: 8 tons/hr


Feed mill roller millRoller Mill

Manufacturer: RMS
Model: C128829
Capacity: 8 tons


Batching and Mixing

Feed mill 500 pound mixerMixer — 500 lb

Manufacturer: Scott Equipment Co.
Model: SRM 304
Capacity: 500 lb


Feed mill 2 ton mixerMixer — 2 tons

Manufacturer: Hayes & Stolz
Model: TRDB126-0604
Capacity: 2 tons


Feed mill micro bin systemMicro Bin System

Manufacturer: Abel
Model: 20DSS
Capacity: 200lbs/batch


Thermal Processing

Feed mill 1 ton counterflow coolerCounterflow Cooler — 1 ton

Manufacturer: Geeland
Model: VK09X09KL
Capacity: 1 ton/hr


Feed mill 10 ton counterflow coolerCounterflow Cooler — 10 tons

Manufacturer: Geeland
Model: VK19X19KL
Capacity: 10 tons/hr


Feed mill 1 ton pellet millPellet Mill — 1 ton

Manufacturer: CPM
Model: PM1112-2
Capacity: 1 ton/hr


Feed mill 10 ton pellet millPellet Mill — 10 ton

Manufacturer: Bliss
Model: 60-130
Capacity: 10 tons/hr


Feed mill pellet screener
Pellet Screener

Manufacturer: Sprout Bauer
Model: 3 5/7 Roto-Shak
Capacity: 1800 CFH



Feed mill baggerBagger

Manufacturer: Express Scale Parts
Model: JMC6-25-2-D
Capacity: 4000 lbs/hr



Feed mill bulk load outBulk Load Out

Manufacturer: CP Metalcrafters
Model: Hopper-bottom 45
Capacity: 5 tons


Control Room/General Equipment

Feed mill control roomControl Room

Manufacturer: Repete Corportation
Model: Sabre NXT
Capacity: Auto-control feed mixing, pelleting, liquid application, etc.


Feed mill bucket elevatorsBucket Elevators

Manufacturer: Silver Sweet
Model: Apollo
Capacity: 1800 CFH

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