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Animal Food Safety

Since 2011, when the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was passed, it has dominated many food safety topics in animal food, human food and produce. These pages cover animal food safety topics stemming from the rules of FSMA, along with other helpful animal food safety information as it becomes available.

The Preventive Controls for Animal Food (PCAF) rule is the most impactful for animal food and ingredient producers.

  • The Rule: this page explains the different subparts of the PCAF rule, giving context to the parts of the rule that aren’t discussed extensively in training courses.
  • Definitions: this page provides explanation for some of the commonly used terms in the PCAF rule.
  • Exemptions: as with most rules, there are exemptions for the PCAF rule as well. Find out on this page if your facility is required to comply with the entire rule, or only parts, and how to handle these exemptions through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP): CGMP are the baseline standards for FSMA compliance. Use this page to learn more about these standards and find resources for compliance.
  • Food Safety Plan (FSP): FSPs provide food safety documentation for facilities. Use this page to learn more about the requirements for animal FSPs.
  • Hazard Analysis: The hazard analysis is the first required component of a FSP. Use this page to learn more about conducting hazard analyses.
  • Preventive Controls (PCs):  PCs are the next step in the hazard analysis. Use this page to learn more about the types of PCs and the requirements for each.

Two more rules that could apply to animal food and ingredient producers are the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) and the Sanitary Transportation of Human Animal Food Rule. These pages provide information for how these rules impact the animal food industry and any applicable training opportunities.

Animal Food Safety Factsheets

Abbreviated Guide to Create a Livestock Food Safety Plan Under the Preventive Controls for Animal Food (PCAF) Rule

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Food Safety Modernization Act Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Food for Animals and COVID-19

How existing facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on personal hygiene and sanitation can be adapted to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

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FSMA Preventive Controls for Animal Food (PCAF) Exemption Decision Tree Tool

The NC State Feed Milling and Animal Food Safety programs have developed a decision tree tool to help guide facilities through the exemption determination process and the requirements for obtaining …

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How Animal Food Facilities Can Prepare for Regulatory Inspections

Though they can be a source of worry, the fact of the matter is that many animal food facilities often think about preparing for inspections as the inspectors walk through …

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Aflatoxins and Animal Food Safety

This factsheet covers the guidelines and mitigation for aflatoxins in animal food in North Carolina.

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