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Feed Manufacturing

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Feed Milling Extension is pleased to announce a new course, co-developed with a team at anpro campus, and featuring field experts Adam Fahrenholz and Marissa Herchler Cohen: Feed Manufacturing.

This online program provides a comprehensive overview of the feed manufacturing process, describing each production step, best practices applied by industry producers, and the latest feed mill technology.

We’re very grateful to have collaborated with Federico Etcheverry at anpro campus on this project. When Federico approached us with the idea of creating an interactive feed manufacturing e-learning course for the industry, we were sure we’d end up with a fantastic course. Now, we couldn’t be more excited to launch it.

About the Course

The Feed Manufacturing course is self-paced. You can self-enroll on demand. The course has nine modules. Preview parts of Module 1 or a demo of a 360 VR tour (Chrome preferred).

Earn a course certificate by completing the optional final  course exam.

The course cost is $240 USD.

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Note: NC State University students, faculty, staff, and Extension agents receive special access; if interested in taking the course, please contact 
Marissa Herchler Cohen.

If you have questions about animal feed manufacturing, please contact Adam FahrenholzMichael Joseph or Marissa Herchler Cohen.