COVID-19 Can’t Stop the Learning: Interning During a Pandemic

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Sophie Chance standing behind the red and white Cobb sign

With Labor Day behind us and highs in only the low-to-mid 70s and 80s, summer is taking a bow. It’s a perfect time to reflect on a challenging and, yes, unprecedented, time.

Summer is normally a busy time for undergraduates around the Prestage Department of Poultry Science. Many finish up their spring courses and head into summer internships. This year, though, it was a little less straightforward. Some students were able to do their internships, with modifications, while others weren’t.

Read on to discover how and why our Director of Undergraduate Programs, Lynn Worley-Davis, helps students get internships. “My goal is to help students see all the possibilities with a poultry science degree,” she said.

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